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My Return from Mat Leave

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Jennifer is the Director at our Windermere Kids location. In honour of Mother’s Day, she shares with us some of her thoughts on coming back to work and juggling life with kids and work.

As our Windermere Kids families know I recently returned from my second maternity leave. I couldn’t believe how different it would be returning to work this time, juggling school drop off and pick up for my son and worrying about how my daughter would adjust to childcare. My son was a breeze, super easy going, no stranger anxiety; my daughter on the other hand has a different personality. Needless to say I worried about nothing. The staff here are amazing; they were able to get my daughter to settle in quickly and easily.  I feel so fortunate to know that every day she is cared for by educators that put in the effort to make connections with all of the children. I might be a little biased about it, I do work here too;)

Anyone that is returning to work knows that leaving your baby with strangers (or in my case, co-workers) isn’t easy or natural feeling. I have done this twice now, I get it. When parents come for a tour of Windermere Kids I tell them go on lots of tours, check out as many childcare centres as possible, but go on the wait list for the centre that you feel confident in. That is the most important thing. If you don’t feel good about a centre you wouldn’t leave the most important person in your world there so why go on the list. That is our goal; we want parents to feel confident that their precious little ones are being cared for by the next best thing to you.   

I hope that if a parent is struggling with the transition to childcare they come and talk to me; I can listen and offer some suggestions. Trust me, it does get better and soon they will be leaping out of your arms to get inside the room. Knowing that your children are happy, what more could we ask for as parents?

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