Daily Communication

You trust your children with us. That is a responsibility and a bond we take seriously.  We also know that during the course of the day, you may wish to check in with your child.

Green Apple Kids makes that easy. Our RECEs are equipped with tablets and use a secure program that allows them at designated times to record activities and send pictures to parents in real time. Parents value this because they can receive photos of their children throughout the day which helps them feel connected. Parents also love that they can add grandparents and other family members to the communication so they can get updates too.

Our RECEs also use the program to track attendance, write activity plans, record naps/bathroom breaks and document food intake. For staff, it’s great for keeping track of a child’s progress and makes record-keeping easier. Parents can communicate with educators through the program so it makes it easier to stay in touch.  And at the end of the day, parents get a report sent to their email address.

A word about computer technology

Other than our Registered Early Childhood Educators using tablets for record-keeping and communicating with parents, we are a no-screen zone. We leave smartphones, tablets and other devices out of the hands of the children in our care. Parents are the best people to teach their kids about the appropriate use of computers.

Parent Testimonial

My daughter started at Windermere Kids when she was 2.5 and attended for about 1.5 years. It was a wonderful experience for us and she had fun & really learned so much there. From potty training to singing to doing art to social skills, I could see the difference by the week. Her language skills improved dramatically and she really came out of her shell. The teachers were really great and helped me as a new mom, always offering helpful advice. I felt that she was in good hands there and she was coming home a happy girl! The HiMama app was also a great bonus and it made me feel like I was a part of her day.

-Magda Klos

Nursery School Parent

Green Apple KidsDaily Communication