About Us

Imagine creating your own childcare centre – from the design of the facility to the delivery of programs. That’s what we did in 2009, building on our own experiences and desires as parents and drawing on the input of experts and local families. 

Green Apple KidsWe started by articulating our values and philosophy for young children. We knew that the early years are the time when children develop a sense of self worth and belonging. Our goal would be to help form the solid foundation on which each child could learn and grow – socially, cognitively and physically. 

Consistent with these objectives, we understood the importance of hiring the best staff, developing excellent programming and creating an eco-friendly environment with a strong connection to nature. After choosing a convenient location for families, we designed what would become a 10,000-square-foot, eight-room facility reflecting our vision.

Today, Green Apple Kids provides:

  • bright and attractive classrooms flooded by natural daylight
  • nutritious, locally grown and organic cuisine
  • gardens and natural playgrounds where children can explore nature
  • yoga, music, drama, dance, languages, and other enhanced programming
  • parking for easy drop off and pick up, and proximity to public transit
  • high standards of security, cleanliness and safety

Come by for a visit and you’ll see that every aspect of the centre supports our mission. Our parents will confirm that our centre is constantly evolving as we identify new and better ways of helping our children flourish during these critical years. View our natural playground created by award-winning Bienenstock Playgrounds, a division of Gardens for Living.

Parent Testimonial

“Green Apple Kids made my return to work so much easier as I have peace of mind that my daughter is in a very loving environment. I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the program, the organization and cleanliness of the environment, and the overall culture of the school. The teachers really care about the kids and their development. They are as thrilled as we are as parents when they hit key milestones and have developed a strong connection with the kids that goes far beyond what is required.”

– Martha Moen

Green Apple Parent

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