Preschool & Kindergarten – 2.5 years to 5 years

Our preschool programs are tailored to ensure your child is ready to learn when they go off to ‘big kid school’. While continuously receiving guidance from caring educators, our preschoolers are encouraged to express themselves through various mediums and find their own voice. Self-help skills are an important part the preschool program. Green Apple Kids  prepares students to become lifelong learners and citizens of the world.

Through fun and entertaining activities, our preschoolers practice their knowledge of numbers, letters, colours, and time concepts. We have partnered up with the fantastic program Handwriting Without Tears which uses age-appropriate activities to teach letter recognition and handwriting. As well, simple group games teach children valuable social skills while continuously sharpening their academic knowledge.

Just like in our toddler program, preschoolers participate in various extra-curricular activities like music, dance, and drama. They also participate in our nature-focused programming. Whether it’s planting in the garden or raising worms, learning through nature is always a big part of a Green Apple Kid’s life!

Parent Testimonial

Windermere Kids has been an amazing place for our son to learn, grow and make friends. As a family, we have felt supported by all of the staff at the centre. For additional needs, WK has amazing connections within the community. The programming is excellent and encourages our son to explore his creativity. He is growing more independent and confident with each day he spends with his friends and teachers at Windermere Kids. For first-time parents, we have really valued his (and our) experience with the WK community.

-Jessie Paterson

Preschool Parent

Gwen ZezulkaPreschool & Kindergarten – 2.5 years to 5 years