green apple kids & windermere kids

a place to learn and grow

green apple kids & windermere kids

a place to learn and grow

green apple kids & windermere kids

a place to learn and grow


3605 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M6S 2T1

356 Windermere Avenue
Toronto, ON M6S 3L3

Mission Statement

At both Green Apple Kids and Windermere Kids, our mission is to create a safe, happy, and diverse learning environment that inspires children, families, and educators to strive for excellence each day.

Core Values

Our core values are Excellence, Confidence, and Compassion.

We expect each and every employee to exemplify these values in all they do. 


We are an organization that strives to be a source of high-quality childcare in addition providing research-based support for families and the community.


Our goal is to instill confidence in families that their children are receiving high quality care and education in all areas of their development.


We value continuing education with all our staff, this enables a unified understanding that a child’s interests and needs are upheld in the utmost importance.

What We Offer


Infant Program for ages

3 months – 18 months.

Ratio is 1:3


Toddler program for ages

18 months – 2. 5 years old

Ratio 1:5


Preschool Program for ages

2.5 years old – 5 years old

Ratio 1:8

Parent Testimonials

“I don’t think you could find a better daycare. Both my kids went from infant until kindergarten and it’s been amazing. The facility is bright and clean, the playgrounds green. The staff is lovely and has been for the 10 years we’ve had a child there. They do tons of art and lots of extra programming, yoga, dancing, music. The kids plant things and learn about nature and the environment. The food is exceptional. It creates good healthy eating habits at such a crucial time in development. Green Apple has helped us raise our children and they are kind, confident and academically strong. I will forever be grateful for GAK. ❤️

Renata Dziak

Green Apple Kids Google Review

“We are thrilled with the care our daughter receives at Windermere Kids. The play-based programming is thoughtful, well-rounded, age-appropriate and engaging. The teachers are loving, wise and observant. They know our child well and adjust to her specific needs and abilities. We view the teachers as trusted partners in our daughter’s development. The menu is nutritious and varied and the food smells delicious! We have no reservations about the care our daughter receives at Windermere Kids. We feel very fortunate that she is there.”

Charlotte Wilson & Mark Healy

Former Windermere Kids Toddler Parents

“Green Apple Kids made my return to work so much easier as I have peace of mind that my daughter is in a very loving environment. I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the program, the organization and cleanliness of the environment, and the overall culture of the school. The teachers really care about the kids and their development. They are as thrilled as we are as parents when they hit key milestones and have developed a strong connection with the kids that goes far beyond what is required.”

Martha Moen

Former Green Apple Parent

“Both of our girls attended Windermere Kids from beginning to end, ages 1 to 3.5. We had a great experience! The girls adored their caregivers, learned a lot, and had a ton of fun. They were greeted with a warm and joyous welcome every morning and were quick to share all the amazing things they experienced at the end of each day. The safety and best interest of the kids was always a top priority and this was clearly reflected in all elements of the program, i.e. learning curriculum, safety policies, meal plans, staff professionalism, etc. All exceptional.”

Jocelynne Haslett

Former Windermere Kids Parent