Our Programs


Building the future

    Our childcare centres feature learning through active play.

    Our programming focuses on:

    Integrating activities such as numeracy, literacy, arts, drama, and science into play

    Observing and documenting the various milestones in each child’s development

    Promoting all staff as learning partners in each child’s play experiences


    Infant (3-18 months)

    Our infant program is full of fun, explorative activities with an emphasis on a nurturing and welcoming environment. Our Registered Early Childhood Educators understand how difficult it can be for new parents to transition from home to daycare, so we aim to make the transition as smooth and informative as possible.  The small 1:3 ratio of educators to children allows our program to be tailored to each child’s needs, as well as provide an enriching group care environment. Children are provided with plenty of opportunities to explore, move and experience new things, while being safely cared for by a dedicated team of educators.

    Toddler (1.5 – 2.5years)

    Every parent knows that toddlers are busy and curious. Our toddler program allows children to explore their world with gentle guidance from engaged educators. Children are introduced to basic concepts like colours, numbers, and shapes in a fun and interactive way. Our natural playgrounds allow young toddlers to explore what their growing bodies can do, all within a safe environment. At Green Apple Kids & Windermere Kids, children are encouraged to get dirty, try new things, and not be afraid to fail. Our toddlers splash in the rain, play in the mud, and eat plants from the garden! Early childhood education studies have shown that indoor and outdoor exploration and play are necessary for young children to integrate and understand the world around them.

    Preschool  (2.5 – 5 years)

    Our preschool programs are tailored to ensure your child is ready to learn and prepared to enter a Kindergarten environment.  Preschoolers practice their knowledge of numbers, letters, colours and time concepts. They are encouraged to express themselves through various means to help establish their own identities and abilities.  We have partnered with the educational company Learning Without Tears which uses age-appropriate activities to teach letter recognition and pre-writing skills.  The LWT program also enhances learning through simple group games, sing-along activities and fun worksheets. Each day preschoolers participate in valuable social skills, whether it’s planting in the garden or raising worms, children are exposed to interactions that help build skills that prepares students to become lifelong learners and caring citizens.


    What We Offer

    Technology (HiMama)


    HiMama is a secured program that allows our teachers and parents to stay connected throughout the day.  Parents can download the app on their smart phone and receive daily reports, updates and real time videos or pictures.  Parents also have the option to connect grandparents or family members to their account so everyone can stay connected.  For staff, it’s a really great and easy way to keep track of a child’s progress, write up program plans and share important information like nap times, bathroom breaks and food intake with parents.

    Meals & Snacks

    At Green Apple Kids & Windermere Kids we know that proper nourishment is fundamental to growing minds and bodies. This is why our meals and snacks are provided by Real Food For Real Kids, a leading child-focused catering program located in Toronto.  They use fresh and organic foods, produced locally and ethically sourced wherever possible.  Real Food for Real Kids also provides accommodations for children with allergies or dietary restrictions.



    Gardening is a special year-round activity that takes place both indoors and out.  Children are actively involved in gardening and it is an excellent way for children to see mother nature in action and learn about the natural ever-changing world around us.  Tending to plants and living things fosters children’s empathy, responsibility and develops an important relationship and connection to the earth.

    Community Partners


    Green Apple Kids and Windermere Kids are active community members. Every level of our company is encouraged to be actively engaged in the communities we serve. Some community initiatives we support: