What are your staff qualifications?

90% of our staff are Registered Early Childhood Educators with the College of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario. All of our staff members have current First Aid and CPR certifications as well as a current Police Records Check. Our Educators also attend regular Professional Development workshops to further their learning and professional competence.

What kind of security do you have?

At our Green Apple location, we use a pin code system for the door. Parents have a unique code that gets changed as families leave.

At our Windermere location, we use a FOB system. Each parent and staff has their own FOB with access to the building. When a staff member or child leaves, their FOB is deactivated remotely.

How long do you go outside for?

We go outside for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon as required by the Ministry of Education. We go outside rain or shine! This means our parents are fantastic at keeping their children’s cubbies well-stocked with all kinds of gear for the weather.

How do I get on your waitlist?

We ask that all families look us up on our website; www.greenapplechildcare.com, you can also find out more about our programs on Instagram or Facebook. On our website there is an INQUIRE NOW button, which will request an email with our wait list form from our centre Directors.

What methods of discipline do you use?

We do not condone any kind of physical discipline, nor do we do ‘time-outs’. It is important that behaviour management is age-appropriate. For example, an infant that is hurting someone may be redirected to a new activity. It is crucial to us that our children learn appropriate social skills and this is done through coaching and modeling. Behaviour management is monitored regularly and our Educators attend a variety of Professional Development workshops to ensure they are up to date with current practices.

How do you communicate with families?

We use an app called Lillio (HiMama) to communicate daily activities and records (such as bathroom routines, sleep time, etc). As well, we use email to communicate other important notices. It is important to us that families feel comfortable with the people taking care of their little ones. Similarly, our Director’s office is always available if a parent has a pressing issue.

What if my child is a preschooler and is not potty-trained?

Not a problem! We believe that all children develop at their own pace and will be toilet-trained when ready. Our educators will work with parents to ensure the child’s routine at school and home are as seamless as possible. They will help families through this time so that we can ensure the success of every child in the program.

Do you have a waitlist fee?

No. Our waitlist is free to join, all we ask is that families check us out on our website or social media before filling out a waitlist form. Only when a family is offered a spot will they be asked for a last month’s deposit. For more questions about our waitlist procedure, please contact one of our locations to speak with a Director.

Do you offer subsidized spots?

Unfortunately, we do not. Please see the City of Toronto website for subsidized child care locations.

Are you participating in the Canada Wide Early Learning Child Care program?

At this time, we have decided not to register for the Canada Wide Early Learning and will continue to provide the high quality of care known in the community.

My child has an anaphylactic allergy. Can you accommodate them?

Absolutely! Our centre is completely nut and peanut free. As well, our awesome caterer Real Food for Real Kids provides nutritious substitutes for any other allergies (common ones include eggs, milk, and soy).

As well, we will work with you to create a detailed plan in the event the child does come in contact with an allergen. If necessary, an Epipen will be carried by any educator that is with the child. All staff are trained on this plan including the use of the EpiPen and/or other devices.

What type of support do you offer for families and classrooms?

In addition to providing the best possible care for all children, Windermere Kids & Green Apple Kids has free access to a resource consultation staff provided by the City of Toronto and their Every Child Belongs Program.  This program works with Windermere Kids and the family ‘to develop strategies and carry out individualized support plans for a child. Every Child Belongs Resource Consultation Staff also provides support to build inclusive environments through training and program consultation.’

(1998-2020) Every Child Belongs Resources for Early Learning & Child Care Program. Retrieved from:https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/community-partners/early-learning-child-care-partners/every-child-belongs-resources-for-early-learning-child-care-programs/

How many meals or snacks do you provide?
We are catered by Real Food for Real Kids and we offer an AM snack, a hot lunch & PM snack.
What time are you opened and closed?

We are open at 7:30 am and close at 6:00 pm Monday to Friday.

What happens if my child has a fever?

We follow health guidelines as per Toronto Public Health. If a child has a fever, they can only return to daycare after being symptom-free for 24 hours. If a child has nausea/vomiting/diarrhea they can only return to daycare after being symptom-free for 48 hours. 

Do you offer part-time care?

No, currently we have paused part-time enrollment in our toddler and preschool programs.  Our infant program is only available full-time care.

What types of cleaning protocols are taking place to manage the spread of illness/germs?

As per Toronto Public Health guidelines, we follow cleaning protocols daily. Toys are washed weekly, classrooms are being cleaned daily, bedsheets and cots are being cleaned weekly (and as needed), and hand washing is encouraged when entering the classroom, before and after meals, outside playtime and bathroom routines.

What are your ratios for each age group?

Ratios are as follows; Infants are 1:3, toddlers are 1:5 and preschoolers are 1:8.

Can I go on more than one waitlist for my child ex. Infant & toddler waitlists?

No, you can only be on one age group waitlist at one time.

How far in advance do you know when spots become available?

We know 60 days in advance when spots become available, which is based on our 60 days withdrawal notice for current families. When a family gives us a 60 day withdrawal notice, then we know that spot is available in 60 days.

How often should I check in on my spot on the waitlist?

We recommend that parents check in 6 months before their requested enrolment date to check on their status. We also appreciate parents updating their child’s DOB and name by phone or email.


Anaphylaxis and Allergy Awareness Policy

Anaphylaxis is a serious reaction and can be life threatening. The allergy may be related to food, insect stings, medications, latex, etc. This policy is intended to help support the needs of a child with any allergy, and provide information on anaphylaxis and awareness to parents, employees and students, and volunteers.

In order to reduce the risk of exposure to anaphylactic reactions:

1. Avoid certain foods/materials that may be contained in any craft or sensory programming materials.

2. Advise the Centre caterer of any food restrictions and limitations.

3. Do not use latex gloves – use vinyl gloves ONLY.

4. Advise families, employees and volunteers that no outside food is to be brought into the Centre. Child birthdays and other special events will be celebrated with ice cream provided by the Centre.

5. An anaphylactic procedure must be posted in each classroom.

6. An up-to-date allergy list must be posted in each classroom.

7. Any child who carries an EpiPen needs to be identified via a personal photo and completed Anaphylactic Procedure signed and dated by their parents and physician. All EpiPens will be stored in a clearly labeled fanny pack, strictly for the EpiPen Only. One fanny pack per child.

8. Each child with a dietary restriction or limitation will have a food substitution checklist that is to be filled in each lunch day that the main menu has been modified. These records need to be kept on file for one year.

Parents of Children with Allergies must:

● Complete the required Ministry of Education form, providing a detailed description of the allergy of their child. This form will be posted in each classroom for the staff to refer to at all times.

● Provide the Centre staff with the monitoring and avoidance strategies used in the home.

● Provide a written list of signs and symptoms for staff and volunteers to look for should a child have an allergic reaction.

● Provide consent for Windermere/Green Apple Kids to administer the child’s EpiPen should the need arise.

● Ensure the Centre has up-to-date emergency contact information.

● Update any changes to their child’s allergy, medication or treatment, including if the child outgrows their allergy and no longer requires any medication to manage it.

● Provide centre with a current EpiPen, and any other medication that is required to treat the child’s allergy, along with a medical note from the child’s doctor giving Windermere/Green Apple Kids consent to administer the medication and the appropriate dosage to give the child based on their age and/or weight. The note will remain with the EpiPen or Over the Counter medication at all times.

Every Child Belongs Policy

In addition to providing the best possible care for all children, Windermere/Green Apple Kids has free access to a resource consultation staff provided by the City of Toronto and their Every Child Belongs Program. This program works with Windermere/Green Apple Kids and the family ‘to develop strategies and carry out individualized support plans for a child. Every Child Belongs Resource Consultation Staff also provides support to build inclusive environments through training and program consultation.’ (1998-2020) Every Child Belongs Resources for Early Learning & Child Care Program. Retrieved from:https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/community-partners/early-learning-child-care-partners/every-child-belongs-resources-for-early-learning-child-care-programs/

Illness Policy

Illness can pass easily from child to child.

Please do not bring your child(ren) to the Centre if your child is unable to participate in regular activities due to fever (i.e. 100.4ºF/38ºC), diarrhea, vomiting, ear infection, eye infection, green runny nose, head lice, ring worm, or other contagious diseases, unexplained pains, rashes or itching.

If your child(ren) exhibits any of these symptoms during the day, you will be contacted and asked to pick up your child within one hour of being notified, or as soon as possible. If we cannot reach the primary contact, we will call the alternate caregiver on our emergency form.

If your child has an infectious or contagious disease (i.e. influenza, chicken pox, pink eye, impetigo, lice), please advise us of his/her condition so we may watch the rest of the group for symptoms, and when appropriate, advise all parents/guardians. A medical note must be brought back to the centre when the child returns to the centre in order to ensure they are free of any communicable infections.

Your child must be symptom/medication free for at least 24 hours before they can return to the centre. In assessing the wellness of a child and his/her ability to participate in the programmed activities, the decision of the Director must be regarded as final.

Please note that the Childcare & Early Years Act (CCEYA) requires that all children participate in outdoor play. No exception can be made for children returning after an illness.

Sick, Vacation & Statutory Holidays

Sick Credit Policy

There are NO financial credits issued for illness. These are common occurrences which happen frequently in young children.

Vacation Policy

There are NO vacation credits for time taken off. Payments are made for 52 weeks a year for all programs offered at Windermere Kids & Green Apple Kids.

Statutory Holidays

The Centre will be closed on the following days:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Family Day
  • Victoria Day
  • Good Friday & Easter Monday
  • Civic Holiday (Simcoe Day)
  • Canada Day
  •  Labour Day
  •  Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day & Boxing Day
Waitlist Policy

Application Procedure for Waiting List

In order to be placed on the Windermere Kids/Green Apple Kids Wait List all prospective families are required to come for a scheduled tour – view the centre, hear about the philosophy and have any questions answered. Prior to coming in for the tour the ‘Wait List Policy’ and ‘Wait List Application Form’ will be provided to all prospective families to read and sign acknowledging they understand and will willingly comply with the policy. Families are organized in sequential order of the date/time they are placed on the waitlist. A confidential PIN# will be assigned to each child on the list. This PIN# will be required to confirm/check-in on placement position on the list. The ‘Requested Enrolment Date’ on the application form indicates where the family is to be placed on the waitlist. If a family wishes to change their placement within one age group waitlist to another age group waitlist, they are allowed to do so. However, their initial date that organizes their placement on the waitlist will be amended to the date of the change. Families are welcome to follow up and inquire about their status on the waitlist but we will only be in contact once a spot becomes available.

Full Time (5 days a week) enrolment applicants on the waitlist will have priority over Part-Time (2 or 3 days a week) enrolment applicants. Final decisions on enrolment in all programs fall under the Director’s discretion. Once a space is available the centre Director will contact the family confirming the proposed start date/program/schedule and provide the family with 24 hours to accept/defer/decline the placement.

If the family accepts the placement:

1) a non-refundable payment for the last month fees must be paid within 24 hrs via electronic funds transfer to the corresponding Director’s email.

2) the centre Director will confirm receipt of the fees. If you have not received any correspondence from our centre within the allotted time frame, it is your responsibility to follow up to ensure that the funds have been processed. Typically you will receive a confirmation from your banking institution. We are not responsible for any additional banking fees associated with this exchange of funds, nor ensuring that the money has been received in our bank account within the allotted time.

If tuition fees are not received in our bank account within the 24 hour period, the next family will be contacted and you will be removed from the waitlist unless indicated otherwise. If you wish to return to the waitlist, the centre Director will provide you with your new waitlist date;

3) the centre Director will forward all final registration forms (including pre authorized debit form and void cheque)and necessary paperwork and set up the date for the Welcome Meeting.

If the family defers the placement, they will return to the waitlist with a new date based on the date/time of deferral.

It is the sole responsibility of the family to update the Wait List information with Windermere Kids/Green Apple Kids with regard to child’s name/date of birth; any changes to the original information; any movement from age group (i.e. infant to toddler).

Windermere Kids/Green Apple Kids will not automatically roll children over to the next age group on the waitlist and children who age out of a particular program will be removed. Parents are able to contact the centre Director to indicate that they wish to stay on the waitlist and roll over to the next age group; however, once they move to a new program, their date will change. The Infant program is Birth to 18 months; toddler program – 18 months – 2 ½ yrs.; preschool and nursery 2 ½ -5 yrs.

If the family declines the placement they will be removed from the waitlist.

Please note that families who have registered for our wait list prior to September 1 st 2016 will be grandfathered under our previous Registration/Waitlist Policy, in effect until Aug.31 st 2016.

We reserve the right to change our waitlist policy as required. The Board of Directors has the final decision regarding admission.

Withdrawal Policy

Written notice no later than 5pm on the final business day 2 months prior to withdrawal is required to withdraw from the program. It is forfeited if less than two months notice is given. (For example: If your child is leaving June 30 th , notice must be given no later than 5pm on the final business day in April. If you provide written notice on April 18 th , your deposit will be applied but if you provide notice May 1 st or later, your deposit will be forfeited). Any credit from your original deposit (for example: your child started at infant rate but then left at a preschool rate) will be provided to you prior to your departure.

If you have other or specific questions please feel free to contact us.

Windermere Kids Director



Green Apple Kids Director