Our Program

Our childcare centres feature learning through active play. 

Our programming focuses on:

Integrating activities such as numeracy, literacy, arts, drama, and science into play

Promoting all staff as learning partners in each child’s play experiences

Observing and documenting the various milestones in each child’s development

Furthering exploration, creativity and analytical thinking through age-appropriate activities.

At Green Apple Kids and Windermere Kids, the outdoors is not only a great place to play– it’s an essential place to experience. Our playgrounds are designed to allow children to use their imaginations and creativity while exploring the environment. Our botanist-in-residence is on hand to answer any and all questions from inquisitive minds about nature.

Gardening is one of our primary year-round activities, both indoors and out. It is an excellent way for children to see science in action and learn about the natural world  Tending to plants and living things fosters empathy, responsibility and a deep connection to the earth. It is a superb grounding exercise (as any gardener can tell you!).

Ms. Sangeetha: Green Apple Kids Botanist-in-residence:

We’re extremely fortunate at Green Apple Kids to have Ms Sangeetha, our in-house botanist, as part of our team. She helps the team maintain our beautiful playgrounds and indoor and outdoor gardens. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Botany, and she takes great pride in helping our gardens grow. We appreciate her expertise as we all learn to take care of nature together.

Parent Testimonial

It was important for us to find a childcare centre that would support our child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual well being and complement our home life during these important early years.

Beyond fulfilling these requirements, the centre is always very warm and welcoming. Drop-offs and pick-ups are always enjoyable and we can go to work with the comfort of knowing our son is in a caring, safe environment with dedicated staff who are always professional.

Our son loves the centre and is thriving in this environment. There is regular communication between staff and families and everyone works together to achieve important milestones along the way.

Laurena Clark

Preschool Parent

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