Infant – 3 to 18 months

Green Apple Kids offers a nurturing, engaging infant program. The small 1:3 ratio of educators to children allows our program to be tailored to each child’s needs. Our educators understand how difficult it can be for new parents to leave their children in someone else’s care and they are experts at helping not just the child with the transition, but the parents as well. Our goal is to make the home-to-daycare transition as smooth as possible. It really does take a village!

Throughout their day, children are provided with plenty of opportunities to explore, move, and experience new things, all while being safely cared for by a fantastic team of educators. Through interactive group and individual activities, our infants are introduced to music and language in a fun and age-appropriate way. Sensory activities are always a favourite pastime so plenty of opportunities are provided including finger-painting or water play. The best part is that you leave the mess at daycare!

Gwen ZezulkaInfant – 3 to 18 months