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Russet Group Art Exhibit

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This spring, the children in the Russet room at our Green Apple Kids location learned all about art history. They were introduced to different styles of painting and tried their hand at using different tools and techniques to create masterpieces of their own in the Artist’s Studio. We were curious to see what they would create – a landscape, portrait, still-life or something abstract? The Green Apple Gallery opened its doors to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends to present The Russet Group which featured works of art by twenty-one amazing, new artists.

The gallery hours were Thursday May 25th and Friday May 26th from 4:45-5:45pm. A $2.00 entry fee/person was requested for entry into the gallery. As well, the children’s masterpieces were “on sale” for an amount the buyer determined reasonable, but guests were asked to enjoy the price of the children’s artwork that they had set for their piece! We learned that artists often donate their work to raise money for important causes; for this reason, the teachers Ms. Meghan and Ms. Irina had chosen to donate all money received from this event to Art City Toronto which “delivers exceptional and innovative art programs to young people in St. James Town. By becoming a supporter of Art City, you help make an important difference in the lives of the children and youth in our community.” More information regarding Art City can be found on their website

Children in the Russet room helped their teachers set up the art boards, so their canvases could be hung for the show. When it was time for the art show children were so excited to share their painted works to family and friends! The Green Apple Gallery had an amazing turnout of people on both days, where guests enjoyed viewing the entire Russet Group collection. Buyers were so generous in donating money for Art City Toronto, that the grand total we donated was a cheque of $540! It was a huge success and positive energy surrounded the room.

The following week the children in the Russet room made a card for Art City Toronto where their thumbprints signed their name and attached the cheque. Next, taking a walk down the street to the nearest mailbox to ensure Art City received our donation. As a few weeks passed, the Russet room had a Thank You card from Art City Toronto director where she thanked us for the donation and creativity of the kids. Ms. Meghan and Ms. Irina were so happy and proud of the grand event…until next year!

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