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Our latest news

We post our news regularly keeping it fresh. Take a look at our views and options.

Let’s Play with Worms!

Did you find worms fascinating as a child? We do! Each of our classroom takes care of their own worm-composting bin.  It is a wonderful activity for the children as they get to learn how to care for living beings, how worms are part of the food chain, and that worms are very important. A

Russet Group Art Exhibit

This spring, the children in the Russet room at our Green Apple Kids location learned all about art history. They were introduced to different styles of painting and tried their hand at using different tools and techniques to create masterpieces of their own in the Artist’s Studio. We were curious to see what they would

Raising Painted Lady Butterflies

It has become a favourite tradition at Windermere Kids to raise butterflies in the spring. This is our 3rd year in a row that we’ve raised butterflies from caterpillars and we continue to enjoy this awesome experience. We ordered our caterpillars from Lucy’s Butterfly Farm. They sent us about 27 of them and they came

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